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Hello, my name is Ken Lewellen, I am the owner of Boat Buyer. We are based out of Springfield, Oregon and are the largest buyer of used boats in the Pacific Northwest. We invite you to work with us in providing a safe and secure option for your clients when they express interest in selling their boats. We have purchased hundreds of boats from private owners throughout the west and pride ourselves on being professional and friendly. We work with multiple Storage Facilities, Marinas, Detail shops and Marine Repair shops.  We work with the facilities to display our information and help send us referrals. In return for the help we send a $250 referral reward for every successful referral that results in a purchase.


In today's climate when someone goes to sell their boat on sites such as Craigslist and Facebook they are often harassed by telemarketers and scammers, which usually leads to a generally stressful selling experience. We have decided to provide individuals with an option to avoid unnecessary stress by working with a experienced and professional company. We understand you want to represent and look out for your clients well being, this is why we pride ourselves on offering them the highest value possible for their boat, along with a no pressure purchasing experience. We have had wonderful feedback with our program.


We would be more than happy to schedule an in person meeting or phone call to provide you with more information. If this sounds like a program you would be interested in working with we can hand deliver or mail our startup pack with information and marketing supplies. This a very simple and risk free way to help your clients while rewarding yourself at the same time. We look forward to  working with you, please feel free to call/email with any additional questions or to schedule a meeting.


Thank You,


Ken Lewellen



Boat Buyer


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